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Fusion Auto Sales is growing again, but this time in a slightly new direction.

"Fast Auto Financing" is a new venture and an extension of "Fusion Auto Sales", but there is more to "Fast Auto Financing" than car loans according to company founder Tom Mosey.

"We have always offered financing through "Fusion Auto Sales" but over the past couple of years we began to see a need for a different kind of financing service", said Mosey. "Fast Auto Financing" is operating a separate company now, and insetad of just offering car loans to consumers, we actually go to work for people who are buying cars. Our growth has given us the ability to actually negotiate with Canada's largest lending institituions on behalf of clients. As a result we secure the best possible loan rates and terms and in the process we can save clients thousands of dollars."

"Fast Auto Financing" is operating alongside the main "Fusion Auto Sales" site at 37 Mill Street West in Tilbury Ontario, but is operating separately and has been set up to assist anyone buyhing a car regardless of where they have chosen to make their vehicle purchase.

"It doesn't matter where a person chooses to buy a vehicle, the new team at "Fast Auto Financing" will be able to help them secure the best possible interest rates, and the lowest possible monthly payments," said Tom Mosey.

People who have been turned down for a car loan, will find "Fast Auto Financing" a welcoming place. The company is large enough and has enough leverage with the big banks and loan companies, that people who had their loan requests rejected at other car dealerships, may find approval comes easy once

"Fast Auto Financing" is working on their behalf.

"We have a direct line to all the major lenders in Canada," said Mosey. "So we have the credibility, the track record, and the leverage that can really help someone who has maybe had a bad run of luck financially, often through no real fault of their own. There is nothing more intimidating that sitting down to discuss a car loan, with a car dealer or lender, and there is nothing more disappointing than beiing turned down for a car loan, but we really can help people."

"Fast Auto Financing" is focused on car consumers looking for auto financing in the Windsor-Essex, Tilbury, Chatham-Kent, and Sarnia Lambton areas, but can really help anyone looking for a car loan in Canada.

"Fusion Auto Sales" was identified as one of Canada's fastest growing companies by a leading bsuiness magazine a few years back and now that "Fast Auto Financing" is under the wing of "Fusion Auto Sales" Tom Mosey feels a whole new round of rapid growth is about to unfold.

"Fast Auto Financing" will only complement what we are doing with "Fusion Auto Sales", said Mosey. "We've been in the car business for a long time, and adding "Fast Auto Financing" as a new company focusing exclusively on helping people secure car loans at the best possible rates, and even helping people rebuild their credit ratings, is very exciting for us.

A new website for "Fast Auto Financing" has been set up at . Car consumers who visit the website will be able to use an online payment calculator, and submit a preliminary, no obligation car loan application. They can find out almost instantlyy if they qualify for car financing, and if the choose to proceed they will be matched with a car financing specialist who will begin a process of searching for the best lending instituion, and negotating the best possible car loan rates, and cary payment terms.

"It's better than tryign to figure out everyting on your own," said Tom Mosey. " We really do go to work for the client, and we don't even charge them a fee for the service. All the negotiation and research is just part of the process and we don't charge for that. In this part of Canada people may not be familair with "Fast Auto Financing"yet, but they are absolutley familairy with "Fusion Auto Sales", so people know they are dealing with a solid company with a track record they car trust. We have been aroudn for a long time, and have strong ties to the communities we serve. "Fast Auto Financing" is a stand alone company but it is a division of "Fusion AUto Sales", and while the two companies may be focused on two different sectors of the automtive retail indsutry they both share the same committment to operational integrity and honest customer service."

The worldwide pandemic changed the auto industry dramatically, by pushing more car consumers online, and that is another reason "Fast Auto Financing" is poised for rapid growth in the car loan sector of the automotive retail business.

"We saw a need to do more online and that's where the "Fast Auto Financing" website fits in," said Tom Mosey. " People can apply online, and we can even complete the entire car loan process online with zoom calls, email messages, and correspondence over the internet. Phone calls work too of course but we also offer in person service once we have established a realtionship with a client. We really are all about service."


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